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1994- Kids in the Hall goes on the air

January 26, 2010

I am including this Canadian television show among the top cultural developments in LBGT history for numerous reasons. The first is because Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall was open about his homosexuality; the second, because Kids in the Hall became an extremely popular comedy sitcom in the 1980s and is still recognized as a classic Canadian comedy television show to this day. In an article entitled “Not Young Anymore but Still Misbehaving,” Rick Marin wrote that the “cult comedians” of Kids in the Hall have become “more popular than they ever were in their heyday […] and like ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus,’ they have obsessive fans who can recite entire sketches” (Marin 62). He also discusses their trademark for cross-dressing (62). CODCO—another Canadian comedy troupe that began in Newfoundland in 1987, members of which later formed This Hour Has 22 Minutes—might also merit inclusion alongside the members of Kids in the Hall as vital to the cultural climate of disseminating LBGT concerns and issues and dealing with homophobia. However, Kids in the Hall is particularly influential due to its frank discussions about homosexuality, of which the show never shied away from. 199

This clip shows Buddy Cole, from Kids in the Hall, discussing the nature of the Canadian TV industry. What is important about this clip, I find, is that Cole unites his gay identity with his identity as a fledgling Canadian comedian, trying to carve a space for himself in a largely American industry. We can see, in this clip, how directly Kids in the Hall dealt with LGBT political issues.

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